Unannounced Spider-Man Game discovered on Nintendo Wii!

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Spiderman game on Wii

An unannounced Spider-Man game was recently discovered on a debug Wii development kit. It was a prototype version of Eurocom’s Spider-Man 4. This may well be a game adaptation of what Sam Raimi’s cancelled Spider-Man 4 film was supposed to entail.

Watching a YouTube video on the game over Hard4Games channel, we can clearly see that the game actually includes some pretty decent content. It has a lot of unfinished environments, levels, dialogue and in-game sequences. This is obviously something that we would expect to see from an unfinished prototype.

Spider-Man Sitting On Rooftops.
Unannounced Spider-Man Game Discovered On Nintendo Wii! 3

As we can see in the screenshot above, some of the unfinished environments in the game consist of city streets from New York and some untextured building in the foreground. It seems that development was not that far into this game however it is actually playable in some areas, meaning that quite a bit of thought was put into it.

It’s strange that this game would have been cancelled, for its time period of expected release it seems to have had some potential. I mean who doesn’t enjoy Spider-Man games, they’re amazing. Especially the latest Sony’s Spider-Man for PS4.

Whilst watching the footage online however it is clear to see that unlike the non-linear, 2017 Marvel’s Spider-Man, this prototype game was not going to be as much of a free choice style game. You would be following a linear story and be forced into specific environments within the world. Which is what we where more used to at this point from a Spider-Man game.

Spider-Man was only able to shoot his web-shooters at specific highlighted areas in green and was not as free as his modern-day counter-part.

Universo Nintendo Spider Man 4 Wii

When looking deeper into the game, we get to see that there is actually an unfinished photography style camera system in the game where Spider-Man would have the opportunity to take pictures of specific in-game objects. This is obviously a reference to Peter Parker’s love of photography and also rather interesting considering that Marvel’s Spider-Man has a fully-fledged version of this feature in their game

What do you think about this version of Spider-Man? Do you think that it could have been a fun game that would have been worthwhile continuing instead of letting it fade out of existence slowly on some old Wii, let us know in the comments below!

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