Valve officially unveils new Half Life game

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Half Life: Alyx VR Game

After 12 years of silence after Half Life 2: Episode 2, Valve has officially unveiled it’s newest entry to the series, Half Life: Alyx. The game was announced on @valvesoftware ‘s twitter, an account only recently created in July 2019.


As mentioned above, the new title will be Valve’s flagship VR game, and according to an article by IGN, the game will be a prequel taking place between Half Life and Half Life 2. The game is also supposed to include the ‘Grabbity Gloves’, an item used to attract far-away objects and move them around, similar to the Gravity Gun from Half Life 2 so we can imagine each of these gloves will be controlled independently with VR controllers. No word has been said on whether Half Life: Alyx will be exclusively VR or not but we willo ahve to wait for the full announcement. The game will get a full reveal on Thursday the 21st of November at 10am PST (6PM GMT). We will report more details after the reveal.

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