What DLive is and why you should use it

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DLive is an emerging streaming platform that has started to gain allot of traction in the last few months, read more to find out more about DLive, and why you should make the switch.

DLive Logo

What is DLive?

DLive is a relatively new streaming platform that has recently gained allot of traction in the streaming arena.

DLive has its own discord server, where staff and guardians can be found, guardians are essentially “helpers” for all of DLive, they have admin privileges in every channel, admin privileges in the discord and have a special emblem next to their name on DLive.

DLive runs on the Lino blockchain, which means that donations are sent and received in Lino, currently Lino has a locked price point but is set to become unlocked by the end of 2019. When Lino is unlocked it means it will fluctuate like all other cryptocurrencies but it is not mineable and can only be bought.

Lino points can be locked which generates the user more Lino, 9.9% of all Lino donated is taken and added to a rewards pool, which is distributed daily between locked point holders, the more locked points you have the more of these points you will receive.


Why you should stream on DLive

wether a viewer or a streamer, you should move to DLive.

Are you sick of never getting recognised in your favourite streamers chat? I can happily say that we have never seen that happen to anyone on DLive.

DLive believes in not taking anything off of the streamer, unlike twitch, and only takes 9.9% of donations but these are distributed back to the community.

There is also a system for rewarding viewers called the treasure chest, this fills up with Lino as the chat becomes more active, the streamer can also add more of their own Lino to it to reward their community more.

The chest is emptied when the streamer decides to distribute the rewards, which gives people there 30 seconds to collect rewards, and then afterwards the algorithm picks the most active people that have donated the most Lino and rewards them first, and shares the rest about between everyone else.


Our teams experience on DLive

A member of our team has been streaming on DLive recently and in his first 3 weeks grew to 200 followers, he has applied to be a verified partner but may not become one due to DLive raising their requirements, which was long overdue as allot of people are verified partner.

In his time on DLive he has seen people rise from nothing to a global partner in less than a month, he has met multiple other streamers who he streams with regularly and has formed friendships with them.

What is Tidylabs and how can i use it?

Are you sick of having to make your own follower goals and alerts?

Fear not, Tidylabs is made by a staff member from DLive and has all of the streaming accessories you can name in one compact website, you connect these to OBS through a browser source and you are free to go!

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