World of Warcraft Classic Will Have One More Test Before Launch!

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World of Warcraft Classic Will Have One More Test Before Launch!

In this blog, we will be discussing the latest project by Blizzard, World of Warcraft Classic. It should have one more test before launch. This game has had quite a bit of hype behind it and hopefully, the game can follow up the hype. If you haven’t checked out our latest blogs, I suggest you do! they won’t disappoint!

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World of Warcraft Classic is going t o blow old WoW players minds. Its going to take them back to the golden age of WoW. Its going to take players back to the time when WoW was just a small MMO. The 8th August  at 7 pm BST/11 am PT there will be a pre-launch test for World of Warcraft Classic. This is the last test to make sure everything is going smoothly before release. The test will last until Friday 9th August. Blizzard will only be actively monitoring the test for the first two hours, however, so it wants as many players to jump in as possible right at the start. 


If you haven’t already, you can download Classic from Battle.net and connect it to your WoW account. When Classic launches, there won’t be any additional requirements. As long as you’re a subscriber, you’ll get access to the old version of WoW. 

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