Xbox Elite controller series 2 announced-E3 2019

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Xbox Elite Controller

Xbox Elite controller series 2 announced-E3 2019

Microsoft announced the Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller during its E3 2019 Xbox conference, and it is currently available for pre order on Xbox’s website.

The trailer above shows off multiple customisation options. There will be Bluetooth connectivity, new adjustable-tension thumbsticks, a new wrap-around, profiles for customization, shorter hair trigger locks, a new internal rechargeable battery, a new detachable charging block, and 40 hours of battery life.

For the most part, the Series 2 looks relatively familiar at first glance, but the devil?s in the details. The grips on the reverse now cover more of the bodywork across the back and seem to have less clearance off the plastic than the previous Elite controller. Owners of the previous controller have long reported flimsy rubber grips, which had a tendency to fall off after a while and hopefully, this new manufacturing process will solve those issues.

The new controller sports Bluetooth finally as well, making it a powerful and highly configurable option for PC gaming too. As you can see, the controller sports three lights which represent separate profiles you can arrange for different games, swapping out keybinds and so on. The triggers also have refined locking states, and have rubberized grips.

The controller will be compatible with both Xbox One and Windows PC and will release on November 4, 2019.

What does it cost?

The Xbox Elite series 2 controller costs ?159.99 right now, which leads us to our next question…Is the price really worth it?

You can most likely get a high quality Scuff controller with the same features for the same price, if not less, and with Scuff controllers being highly customisable this is a very hard decision to make.

What are your thoughts on this? Was the original Elite Controller fine, and didn’t need fine tuning? Or was it desperately in need of an upgrade?

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