You Can Now Play The Original Diablo In Your Browser!

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In this article, we will be discussing and reviewing the original Diablo that’s playable in browsers. We will be sharing how to do this in this article. Before checking out this article, be sure to check out our latest blogs and articles!

The Original Diablo


Diablo was made in 1996 and was the first real hack and slash game. Now thanks to the work of Rivsoft, Diablo is now available to play in your browser. It gives you access to the shareware build of the game, but if you own the original and have the files on hand, you can access the whole game.

PC gamers explanation of how it works follows as:

‘According to the page, the port is based on source code “reconstructed” by two programming teams, which retains all the “bugs and badly written code” from the original game. If you own the game already (it’s available on GOG), you can search for a particular file and drag it onto the browser page to access the full game.’

Credit: Sergi4UA

This video covers how this whole thing works be sure to check the video out and video credits go to Sergi4UA. 

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