YouTube Announces Policy Change: Violence in Games

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YouTube Announces Policy Change: Violence in Games

On December 2nd, 2019, YouTube announced that it has made some changes regarding its policy guidelines for content creators. More specifically, in regards to the aspect of, ‘scripted violence’ in video games.

What does this mean for content creators? Well anyone who produces gaming content that includes games with any form of violence in them, they will be less likely to have their videos age restricted. This is amazing news for those gamers out there who are used to loosing out on a huge chunk of their audience due to YouTube’s barbaric policies in the past.


This is not a change in overall violence however, real-world violence is still fully banned on YouTube and will remain that way. This means that any videos feature any real-world violence in their videos that will be subject to termination.

What else remains unaffected by this change in policy? Well just because in-game violence will receive less scrutiny than before; it doesn’t mean that all types of videos will be allowed. Specifically that if you’re the type of channel that enjoys compilations of video games and ones that specifically feature compilations of extreme gore then your videos will still be age-restricted.

YouTube has addressed in their recent blog post on this matter that they understand that there is a major difference between in-game violence and real-world violence and are trying to distinguish a lot more between the 2. This is in attempts to refine the platform and make the lines a little less blared for content creators.

Youtube Creators

This news is welcome in contrast to recent years of controversy that has plagued the platform. Creators have suffered many different policy changes in the past, from guidelines to what is allowed in videos all the way to the shut down of smaller sub-networks on the platform and the requirements of what a creator needs to meet to join the official partner program.

What do you think about this change? Do you think that it’s a positive change or do you think that YouTube is still down in the dumps and still needing lots of change to restore itself to its former glory?

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